Folk remedies for treating internal parasites

Folk remedies for removing internal parasites

There are many drugs that can help quickly eliminate worms in the body. But each medicine has its own significant disadvantages. Since some drugs may be toxic to the human body, if taken improperly, liver cells will be damaged and the digestive tract will also be disturbed.

Therefore, doctors have found a slightly different way out, such as treatment with the help of traditional medicine. After all, if you prepare the recipe correctly and follow the prescribed dosage, you can quickly clear the parasites from your body without harming yourself.

Treating adult parasites with folk remedies

All folk recipes given in this article must be prepared at home. You can use cooked decoctions or tinctures as a treatment. Juices, solutions and ointments from medicinal plants can also help treat helminthiasis.

But before starting treatment, you need to understand a few principles:

  • First of all, we must do everything possible to create unfavorable conditions for the reproduction of parasites. Therefore, at home, you can use products that form bitter or sour ingredients. Parasites cannot tolerate these ingredients, so they die. Among the most common plants, tansy, pomegranate, garlic, and even pumpkin seeds can be used to quickly kill parasites;
  • The second stage is to eliminate the parasites directly. Therefore, only those medicinal materials containing toxic ingredients need to be used in treatment. Especially plants such as wormwood or tansy are effective;
  • The third stage is very important-you need to continuously strengthen your body, that is, improve your immunity. It is necessary to add as many vitamins as possible to the diet. For example, vitamins can be found in carrots, citrus fruits, herbs and other foods;
  • As the doctor said, the antiseptic effect here is essential. Therefore, patients need to add slaughter products, such as onions or garlic;
  • The last stage is to remove parasites from the human body as soon as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a recipe with a good laxative effect. For example, recipes made from rowan, rhubarb, or burdock are suitable.

Now let us look at the common recipes of parasites.

Worm Disease Recipe

Plants can be used for treatment, but you only need to know which plants are. Therefore, here are the TOP plants that can help you treat helminthiasis.

Tansy has proven herself. As a treatment, you can use not only flowers, but also the grass itself. The plant has an excellent insect repellent effect, so it can deal with blue worms, roundworms and pinworms very well.

As a treatment, the doctor recommends preparing such a recipe, but only if you do not have an allergic reaction to the ingredients of the recipe.

To prepare tinctures, you need 2 tablespoons of medicinal plants, pour them into water and stick to them. Usually, you need to persist for an hour. Then strain and start treatment. Take 1 tablespoon before meals, but not more than 30 minutes before meals.

The second plant is well known-wormwood. It helps to remove tapeworms, Lamlia, from the human body. For treatment, you need to prepare alcohol tinctures at home. You can ask your doctor for details on how to prepare.

Pomegranate is delicious and very useful. It can also help you solve parasite problems. Pomegranate cannot remove all parasites, but it can only remove roundworms and flat parasites. For the treatment, you must use the peel of the fruit. First brew it with boiling water, and then you can eat it.

Above we said that pumpkin seeds can also be treated. There are many recipes based on this ingredient, so here is the most effective one. Choose seeds with green skin and eat directly after peeling them. Treatment with this method is long-term and may take 10-15 days.

In order to achieve rapid results, honey can be included in folk remedies. For example: Mix the seeds with honey and boiling water in the following proportions: 300 grams of seeds, 100 grams of natural honey, and 50 milliliters of water. Drink in small servings.

Garlic is another parasite adjuvant. Garlic and onions are very helpful for many diseases, the main thing is to prepare the recipe correctly. Garlic can be included in the daily diet, and tinctures can be made from onions. Pour 1 chopped onion into a thermos and let it stand for about 10 hours. Drink small portions in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treating parasites in children with folk remedies

Some of the recipes that patients read on the Internet do not help fight the parasites. In most cases, you can find the following solutions on the forum:

  • People began to actively drink chamomile tea;
  • Oral vegetable oil;
  • Eat only fruits or vegetables.

These treatments alone will not help you. It is necessary to choose comprehensive alternative treatment.

As for children, only homemade recipes can be used for treatment, and the doctor should prescribe it for you. In addition, if a child in the family is infected with helminthiasis, preventive measures must be taken. Children must switch to a vegetarian diet through various means and take laxatives from medicinal plants.

Local treatment of pinworms

The most common parasite is pinworm. They just happen frequently in childhood. To help your child, you need to understand the parasite itself. Therefore, the life span of a pinworm is a few weeks. Therefore, if measures are not taken quickly, the parasites will have time to multiply and cause serious health complications.

In terms of folk methods, oil can be used in childhood. Soak the cotton ball in oil and close the anus. This procedure should only be carried out at night.

In terms of preventive measures, parents should iron their children’s clothes, preferably steam treatment. Do not let children lick fingers, hands or toys.


As a treatment, as we said above, use oil. In childhood, you can use: linseed oil, sea buckthorn oil, hemp oil or, for example, milk thistle oil. There are other oils the doctor prescribes for your child, the doctor will tell you.

What to do with butter? As mentioned above, it can be added to any cooked food or moistened with cotton.

pumpkin seeds

They can also be used in the treatment of children. This delicious product contains a wonderful substance called cucurbitacin. It is this substance that helps to quickly remove worms from children's bodies. But most importantly, you need to understand the treatment plan. For example, if a child is under 7 years old, then 150 grams of seeds is sufficient. If your child is over 7 years old, you can use 300 grams.

Soda water can also be used in medicine. It helps to create an alkaline environment in the intestines. It is in such an environment that no parasites can be found, so they will soon die. The doctor advised the child to do an enema. The course of treatment can be one week.

Children certainly don't like this product, but there is no other way out for the children's health. Garlic helps a lot. If your child cannot swallow garlic, you can use it as an enema.

Treating parasites with folk remedies during pregnancy

During pregnancy, many cannot be used for treatment. Therefore, doctors recommend trying a variety of foods. During pregnancy and for children, you can try pumpkin seeds in treatment.

In addition, red beet juice is allowed. Must drink 1 tablespoon every day. The treatment of beets can take up to a week.

Then watermelon with helminthia helps during pregnancy. But you should not be dizzy by such a delicious food, because there is a lot of liquid in it, which can cause severe edema.

Therefore, it can be replaced, for example, with wonderful fresh pomegranates, which not only helps to remove parasites, but also helps to increase hemoglobin during pregnancy.

The doctor may recommend bilberry or valerian for treatment. Such tea can be simply drunk clean. Medicinal plants and herbs will help you get rid of parasites, especially because they have a mild range of action and will not harm the fetus or mother.

Folk remedies to prevent parasites

Now you know how and what to treat with traditional medicine. But don't forget the precautions. Preventive measures must be taken twice a year. In this case, you should not drink medicine, it is better to start with traditional medicine.

In order to clean your body, you can also use absinthe. The parasites simply cannot tolerate this smell, so this remedy is effective. In addition, this treatment can also be used in childhood. But not every child can take wormwood tincture.

Main course of treatment

The given course of treatment is designed to be one week. To prepare this recipe with absinthe, you need about 100-200 grams. But only dry herbs can be used. You need to grind it into powder.

Now, for the first three days, you need to take the prepared powder to remove the parasites. In this case, the frequency of 2. 5 hours must be observed. The dose taken should not exceed one teaspoon.

You will not only drink powder, so you can drink a lot of water or a mixture of juices. The second option is to dissolve the powder in water and drink a 200 ml glass.

From such a diet, the patient will also have a lot of energy. Therefore, you can not use vitamins.

This is not the entire course of treatment, the powder needs to be taken at different frequencies for the next 4 days-once every 4 hours. Usually, doctors recommend that children with helminthiasis use absinthe for cleaning enema.

Despite the above recipes, you still need to stick to a healthy diet. Don't eat too much fried and salty food. The diet should include more vitamins and minerals.